Book & Inventory by Geoffrey Bellman, Kevin Coray & Kathleen Ryan

Extraordinary GroupsExtraordinary Groups

How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

Book & Inventory

“An extraordinary book. . . . To do truly amazing work in groups, this is the place to start.”

“Extraordinary Groups reminds us that we are better together . . .”

“At last the book that answers how to get that ‘special sauce’ that makes some groups totally exceed our expectations while others fall so short.”

“At a time when every organization is looking for ways to inspire people, achieve more results and build loyalty, this book provides the way.”

“In fifty years of consulting and facilitating, never has a book about groups so completely captured my interest . . .”

“This is a ‘must read’ for leaders looking to achieve transformational results in their organizations.”

Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

In 2006, consultants Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan began seeking more definitive answers to these questions. Their curiosity led them to interview members of sixty extraordinary groups in a field study that lasted three years. That study resulted in the practical guidance contained in their book, Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results (2009).

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The Extraordinary Teams Inventory

Now Available! Collaborating with colleague and organization psychologist, Kevin Coray, Geoff and Kathleen extended their study another four years, adding over 125 new groups to their research base. The result is a reliable online assessment tool that allows teams like yours to compare their behavior to what happens in extraordinary teams. This new tool is called The Extraordinary Teams Inventory (2014).

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Why do some groups achieve amazing results while most do not?

What do extraordinary teams have in common that sorts them from the rest?

What can be done to create these terrific team results more often?