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About Kevin Coray

Kevin is known for his work with large organizations on strategic planning and data-driven change management, as well as team effectiveness work with executive teams. He is President of Coray-Gurnitz Consulting, a consulting firm in the Washington, DC area that he founded in 1989. The firm recently won the Washingtonian's Great Places to Work Award. Its dedicated staff and community of associates have served not-for-profits and government organizations to more effectively meet the public promise of their missions.

Kevin earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and has brought together data-based and results-oriented thinking to appreciative approaches to organization development. These interests brought him to Kathleen and Geoff with the suggestion that the three of them develop an assessment tool related to their book, resulting in The Extraordinary Teams Inventory.

His recent work has focused on groups heavily staffed with scientists, engineers, economists, and attorneys. His clients include: the US Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Army, Defense, Interior, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, as well as the Architect of the Capitol and the International Trade Commission; IEEE Computer Society, Society for Petroleum Engineers, Optical Society of America, Meals on Wheels, and other national and international not-for-profits.

In addition to his consulting work, he also occasionally teaches at the George Washington University. Learn more about Kevin's work and his firm at


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Extraordinary Teams Inventory

NEW! The Extraordinary Teams Inventory (co-authors, Kathleen Ryan and Geoffrey Bellman)

The Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI) is a new training package that includes an online team assessment and half-day workshop. The ETI offers an in-depth examination of how teams work together to achieve their goals and serves as a catalyst for team discussions, decision-making, and action steps for moving toward a higher level of performance. More about the inventory.