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Extraordinary GroupsExtraordinary Groups

How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

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Three colleagues, all independent consultants, have joined with us as partners to further develop the ideas and materials related to extraordinary teaming. Our small and growing network of consultants is conversant in extraordinary teams concepts and applications.

Sally Starbuck Stamp

Sally StampSally Starbuck Stamp coaches and consults with individuals and organizations primarily in the areas of leadership development, communication skills, change management, and life/work effectiveness. Her experience includes work for a variety of health care and technical organizations as both an internal change agent and external coach and advisor. Sally utilizes a strengths-based approach to work and life that allows individuals, teams and organizations to optimize their positivity and potential.

Sally's work is characterized by collaboration and co-creation with her clients. She is committed to developing client relationships that encourage personal growth and development in an environment of safety and trust. Her education in professional nursing and counseling along with her coach training provides a blend of insight and understanding into the complex challenges facing her clients.

In the last two years, Sally has incorporated the Extraordinary Groups model and indictors into her team coaching. She helps teams discover ways to make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary while enjoying the work they do and the teammates they work with.

While admittedly not a desert rat who thrives in the extreme heat of Arizona, Sally enjoys the year-round outdoor living in Phoenix and really only complains about the weather for 9 of the 12 months. Contact Sally at


Jeff Thoren

Jeff ThorenJeff Thoren is an ICF-certified professional coach and consultant who empowers individuals and rejuvenates organizations by cultivating effective leadership skills and by nurturing positive, inspiring team cultures. His passion for leadership and organizational effectiveness has developed over a career that includes experience in both private and corporate sectors.

Jeff enjoys helping people discover their gifts and strengths, and coaches them around ways to apply these positive attributes in service of their teams, organizations, families, and communities. His education and experience in veterinary medicine as a practitioner and director of recruitment and professional development make him an effective provider of services to people needing support and encouragement in their journey toward self-actualization.

Jeff works extensively with teams who are looking for ways to increase their performance, learning and enjoyment. In addition to human and veterinary health care, Jeff works with technical professionals in a number of other business and service sectors where he presents the "soft skills" of communication and emotional intelligence in an evidence-based manner. He incorporates the principles of Extraordinary Groups into all of his work with teams.

Jeff lives Chandler, Arizona. He loves his work with individuals and organizations and admits that he doesn't miss interactions with pets who didn't always appreciate his talents and services! Contact Jeff at


Deborah Ward

Deborah WardDeborah Ward is an established organizational development consultant and an internationally-experienced training facilitator specializing in management and leadership development. Her highly-rated training sessions and workshops are oriented toward the alignment of individual aspirations and organizational goals, and the development of skilled leaders who can set direction and motivate others in the pursuit of those goals.

Deborah's work is informed by twenty-five years of experience and has earned her a reputation as an engaging, business-oriented training facilitator. She specializes in workshops for engineering, scientific and technical firms. Her list of clients includes Cisco Systems, Intel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Pac Bell, PG&E.

Deborah has taught at the University of San Francisco, U. C. Berkeley Extension and Golden Gate University. She earned her B.A. in business management from Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida, and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the California State University at Sonoma. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. Deborah managed two different non-profit agencies. She is past president of the 1100+ member Golden Gate Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development. She chaired the 7000+ attendee, week-long National ASTD Conference. She qualifies as a member of MENSA. Contact Debbie at