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How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

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Extraordinary Teams Training Package

Extraordinary Teams is a new comprehensive training package that is designed to take your team’s performance from ordinary to extraordinary. Extraordinary Teams offers an in-depth examination of how exemplary teams work to achieve their goals. It serves as a catalyst for team discussions, decision-making, and action steps for moving toward a higher level of performance and an increased sense of personal fulfillment.

Why Do We Need More Extraordinary Groups and Teams?

In our workplaces and communities, work gets done by teams. Rarely do we find work that can be done effectively without the engagement of others. Global challenges and workplace initiatives are complex and systemic. Progress requires teams of people with diverse skills and perspectives--groups that are focused, motivated, collaborative, and willing to take risks. When innovation or breakthroughs are required, such teams are essential. Whether solving problems, taking advantage of opportunities, or pushing into unknown territory, highly effective teams are critical for organizational success. This is true when it comes to the workplace just as it is in volunteer organizations.

As you employ the tips, techniques, and ideas offered in Extraordinary Groups and the Extraordinary Teams Training Package, you will help your teams discover and deepen their effectiveness. This, in turn, translates into a larger impact which helps meet the demands faced by organizations today. You are likely to see that: Group goals are frequently exceeded, with unanticipated positive results. Networks and relationships grow, jump-starting future collaborations. Team members learn from one another, increasing their individual and collective capacity and setting the stage for future applications of what is learned. High talent retention is made easy thanks to team members' sense that "this is a fantastic place to work!"

And in such extraordinary groups, you will find that fully present and engaged team members bring their best knowledge, skill, energy, and heart to the work at hand--a team where members:

  • Come to meetings on time, having done the homework and set aside other distractions
  • Feel inspired to fulfill the team's purpose and realize its goals
  • Do the hard work needed to understand and engage one another's different perspectives and strategies
  • Enjoy each other's company and learn from each person's contributions
  • Work through the important issues--even risky ones--that block high performance or innovation
  • Step in, show up, and bring their best capability to the team's work

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