Book & Inventory by Geoffrey Bellman, Kevin Coray & Kathleen Ryan

Extraordinary GroupsExtraordinary Groups

How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

Book & Inventory


"In a world where team members too often wander, scurry, or plod to their next 'team meeting,' one needs simple reassurance that things might get better, possibly even extraordinary. The Extraordinary Team Inventory fuels that reassurance and serves as both a map to that new place and a North Star for navigation. Leaders would be well-served to invest in these pragmatic, tangible, and optimistic approaches as they focus on great results and personal transformation."

—Ben Bratt, Co-Founder, The Team Effectiveness Project


"The Extraordinary Team Model is essential for today's knowledge based organization. Employees MUST achieve significant gain on-the-job in order to keep up with the increasing demands for outputs that are more than merely incremental. The ETI model incorporates both team excellence and employee transformation and the Extraordinary Team Inventory provides feedback, coaching for the team leaders and behaviors that increase the team's and the team members' likelihood of reaching 'extraordinary.'"

—Debbie Ward, Senior Organization Consultant, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory