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How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

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If you want to learn more about how we developed the ETI, the benefits of using it with your teams, and why we continue to be inspired by this work, check out these three short videos. You'll find Geoff interviewing Kevin and Kathleen about their 4 year collaboration in creating the ETI and the connection between this assessment tool and Geoff and Kathleen's book.


Part I: What is an Extraordinary Team and why invest?

First of three short videos about the development and application of the Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI). The three co-authors talk about how and why the created this assessment tool for teams aspiring to greatness.

Part II: What are the profile indicators?

In part two of three, the creators of the Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI) discuss how it was developed and can be used. And, they talk about the key dimensions of a team that this tool measures.

Part III: What is compelling about working on Extraordinary Teams?

In part three of three, Kevin Coray, Kathleen Ryan, and Geoff Bellman talk about why they developed the Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI). It was eight years in the making; they were clearly dedicated to making it happen. Here their stories.

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