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How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

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Extraordinary Teams Workshop

The workshop, outlined in detail in the Facilitator Guide, brings team members together to examine the ratings they gave their team experience and to make a decision about whether or not to do things differently to enhance their "extraordinariness." If a team decides to do so, the workshop provides time to develop the necessary action plans.

Throughout the workshop, participants are encouraged to openly share and discuss their perspectives with their teammates. The workshop provides a facilitated discussion to help team members see that they are able to have high quality, thoughtful discussions about issues that can truly make a positive difference in terms of tangible performance and the experience of working together. When this occurs, a set of intangible objectives are addressed, increasing members' self-awareness, building trust, and enhancing members' commitment to their team and its work.

The workshop is designed around learning objectives that encourage team members to:

  • Discuss the elements that make up an extraordinary team
  • Discuss the team's profile
  • Describe each other's perspectives about team performance
  • Decide whether or not to take intentional action that will increase team effectiveness
  • Identify specific actions to improve the effectiveness of the team as a whole
  • Identify actions to improve the effectiveness of team members

Less tangible objectives include increasing team members' self-awareness, trust of one another, and their commitment to the team and its work.

Workshops Facilitation

Over the last eight years, we've delivered workshops and presentations about extraordinary teams on five continents. We've worked with corporations, government agencies, community organizations, universities, and professional associations. It began with the book and has expanded with the development of the Extraordinary Teams Inventory / Training Package. As others have joined us in helping teams move toward extraordinary, we have ended up with even more materials and more ideas to share. The three of us authors as well as our three partners are available to discuss your goals for enhanced teamwork. We would like to talk with you about what we could create for you, your team, or your organization. Contact us and one of us will be in touch with you.

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