Book & Inventory by Geoffrey Bellman, Kevin Coray & Kathleen Ryan

Extraordinary GroupsExtraordinary Groups

How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

Book & Inventory


While doing our research and writing, we collected and developed a wide array of materials, and we share some of that material here. All this is focused on application. We hope you'll find something here that you will like, that you will use! Here's the layout of the resources we offer:

  • Videos: Hear and see us in action as we talk about our core ideas .   
  • Visuals: PowerPoint slides. Adapt them to your needs.
  • Handouts: One or two page handouts. Feel free to copy.
  • Exercises: To engage your team.
  • Articles: Elaboration on our ideas.
  • Related Work: Other perspectives on working with teams.

We also have a list of Geoff's writings, and as well as Kathleen's writings. Throughout all of our books and articles, we've each written about many ideas that complement Extraordinary Groups.

Geoff has made many of his articles freely available online, and we've linked to these from his writings page. And, for all of our books, we've included links to online booksellers where the books may be readily obtained.