Book & Inventory by Geoffrey Bellman, Kevin Coray & Kathleen Ryan

Extraordinary GroupsExtraordinary Groups

How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

Book & Inventory


The articles below all relate to Extraordinary Groups and The Extraordinary Teams Inventory. We encourage you to copy and use them. When making ten or more copies for teambuilding, workshops, college courses, or training, please contact us at Your contact informs us of where our work is being used. We would love to know about that!

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Thoughts on Compelling Purpose

Thoughts on Embracing Differences

Thoughts on Full Engagement

Thoughts on Strengthened Relationships

Thoughts on Profound Learning

Thoughts on Shared Leadership

Thoughts on Just Enough Structure

Thoughts on Great Results

Thoughts on Transformation

Building Extraordinary E-Groups

Meeting Needs at Work

Dealing with Emotion in Teams