Book & Inventory by Geoffrey Bellman, Kevin Coray & Kathleen Ryan

Extraordinary GroupsExtraordinary Groups

How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results

Book & Inventory

Extraordinary Groups Table of Contents

How Is Extraordinary Groups Organized? Here's what you will find in the book:

Part One: Overview

Includes: key definitions, the indicators of an extraordinary group, the connection between the Group Needs model and personal transformation.

1. Why Small Groups Are Important Now

2. What's Different About Extraordinary Groups

3. What Ordinary Groups Need

Part Two: Understanding the Group Needs Model

Includes: the three pairs of Group Needs, plus reflective exercises and action suggestions; a description of transformation as it occurs in extraordinary groups and how it results from meeting multiple needs.

4. Growing Toward Your Potential

5. Joining for Purpose

6. Creating Change Together

7. The Heart of Transformation

Part Three: Sharing Leadership

Includes: how to build on differences within a group to make them an asset rather than a liability; special guidance to group leaders.

8. Embracing Group Differences

9. Leading Extraordinary Groups

10. Living the Promise of Extraordinary Groups


Includes: focus application, additional exercises and a summary of the key points, references to other writers' work on teams and a description of how the authors collaborated with one another while writing this book.

Appendix A: Practice Exercises

Appendix B: An Overview of Extraordinary Groups

Appendix C: Practicing What We Preach

Appendix D: More Group Resources